BOOSTING Translation Efficiency with MarsCAT

Making Translation & Multilingual Project Management Easy and Hassle-Free

MarsCAT - Your Assistant for Fast & Smart Translation

MarsCAT is a computer-assisted translation tool designed to make the translation process easy, efficient, and more reliable. This cloud-based tool powered with AI is made to help improve productivity. The ease of use and powerful features make it one of a kind and using it will make translation easy for you!

Key Features - What Makes MarsCAT Your First Choice

Translation Memory

The database of translated content is saved for future use. Every time a translator comes across similar phrases, TM gives suggestions to save time and improve consistency.

Quality Assurance

Improve translation quality with multi-dimensional quality assessment and quality assurance reports. Also, you can export XLF files to apply third-party QA tools.

Translation Editor

The online editor makes translation easy and quick and we help you manage style guides for every translation project.

Project Management

Customize project plans, designate teams of your choice for every project, and monitor progress anytime you want.

Terminology Management

Using MarsCAT, you can manage glossaries to maintain consistency and get flawless translations making the right use of industry-specific terminologies.

Collaboration Feature

Making teamwork easy, MarsCAT helps in online task management, allowing task splitting and addition of comments. Using it enhances team collaboration for high productivity.

Why Use MarsCAT

From freelance translators to localization project managers, anyone who wants to improve translation quality and speed, we have a perfect solution for you.
Using MarsCAT for your projects provide you with many benefits:

Integrated MT engine

AI-Based Machine Translation engine, Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE)

Optimize Turnaround

Real time comments and query log

Get Cost-Effective Solutions

MarsCAT makes you do smart translations. You can reduce project costs by reusing the translated content whenever the same phrases are used again

Smart Translation
with MarsCAT!
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